Health Hackathon 2018
Re-Imagining Healthcare
6-14 January 2018
Sunway iLabs
Please register yourself for the Health Hackathon as a participant first via
Welcome to the Health Hackathon 2018. The Theme Challenge is "Re-imagining Healthcare".

This will be the place to list your projects and seek help.

Basic rules
1. Please register yourself first at this site. If you have registered before, you just have to login.
2. You must be a registered participant of the Health Hackathon prior to being part of the teams or assessing this site.
3. You can just see what other people are working on, join a project, or create your own.
4. If you are listing a project, please describe your project as concisely and accurately as possible based on the question guide.
5. You are allowed to use the premises of Sunway iLabs during the period of the hackathon to work with your team.

The Hacking Health Secretariat can be reached via [email protected].

The Hacking Health KL Team